Rockstar Spirits Pineapple Grenade Overproof Spiced Rum, 50 cl



Thomas G Hurst the multi award winning spiced rum creator had a dream to blend the perfect overproof spiced rum and he’s finally delivered . Pineapple Grenade is a perfect marriage of pineapple and salted caramel with the finest rum from Guyana.
THE TASTE: Big punch of Pineapple followed by smooth salted caramel, spice and a long lasting smooth finish from premium spirit sourced from one of the world’s oldest distilleries in Guyana
OUR RUM: We take 65% abv premium rums from the legendary Diamond Distillers we then marry stunning sour fruity notes with sweet cake spices and creamy salted caramel
OUR PROMISE: Our rum is made with 100% natural fruit flavours and is produced using only the highest quality ingredients
SERVING SUGGESTION: All our rums taste great on their own over ice, work perfectly with simple mixers like Cola, Lemonade or Ginger Beer. They also make fantastic cocktail spirits our favourite at Rockstar Spirits is the Daiquiri and we use a simple mix of 50ml Rum, 25ml fresh lime juice and 20ml sugar syrup Shake over Ice and serve with a lime wheel garnish. With Passion Fruit Grenade we like to add to our Pornstar Martinis to add a new twist to the Nation’s favourite cocktail
WHO ARE WE: Rockstar Spirits launched in 2019 to deliver premium and innovative spiced rum flavours to the world using the finest ingredients. We went viral when Phil and Holly recommended as their favourite flavoured spirit on This Morning and Holly took the bottle for the dressing room, GQ voted us one of the worlds greatest rums and Victoria Moore predicted us to be one the brands of 2020 in The Telegraph


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