Pinot Grigio delle Venezie by Vinvita (Italian White Wine – Case of 6)



The must is not left on the skins to avoid its acquiring their rust-red colour. After soft-pressing the must is left to ferment at a temperature between 18°- 20° C. in stainless steel vats. The wine is then stored at 17°-18° C. in special stainless-steel tanks until bottling.
Vibrant and enticing yellow straw colour. The bouquet is unmistakable and immediate, with an intense impression of acacia flowers. The palate is dry, full-bodied, well balanced and persistant.
Best to be paired with: ideally served at 10-12° C. Works well with many antipasti and light salads such as courgette.
Libiamo Wines believes that the best way of drinking fine wines is with friends, sharing a joyous and sociable experience. “Libiamo” is an expression meaning “We shall drink!”, used in the famous opera Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi.


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