Loving Foods *Certified Organic* Hibiscus & Lime Jun-Kombucha (330ml) Raw, Unpasteurised & Bursting with Beneficial Live Bacteria (1 x Bottle)



CERTIFIED ORGANIC – All Loving Foods products are made with organic ingredients. Where possible, we use seasonal, locally-sourced produce to reduce our environmental footprint and to support local businesses. Loving Foods are certified as an organic manufacturer by the Organic Food Federation: GB-ORG-04 and are SALSA accredited
RAW & UNPASTEURISED – Pasteurisation destroys most of the goodness of fermented foods and drinks, eliminating all of their health benefits. We never heat treat any of our products, ensuring that all the beneficial bacteria, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that we work so hard to create, are left completely intact.
GLUTEN FREE, VEGETARIAN & PALEO – Everything we produce is gluten free, paleo and either vegetarian or vegan. They are perfect for people with food intolerances, for the health-conscious, or for those who just want to incorporate some live fermented foods into their daily diets. We use no chemicals, additives, preservatives, vinegars or stabilisers in any of our products.
LONG SHELF LIFE – Due to the fermented nature of our food and drink, everything we sell has a 6-9 month shelf life, which makes them ideal for multipack purchases – for which we offer discounted pricing. Ordering in bulk also reduces the effective shipping costs of each jar or bottle. Just make sure you keep them in the fridge to slow down the fermentation and help them last longer.
SUPER FAST DELIVERY – All orders are shipped out on the same or the very next working day after they are received, using either a 24 or 48-hour service with DPD or Royal Mail. Whilst we’re on the subject, our zip-lock bags are 100% biodegradable and our bubble wrap and inflatable Air-Shock packaging is 100% recyclable, so they can either go in your usual recycling bin, or you can pop them down to your local recycling centre where they can be reprocessed and reused.


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