Leffe Brune Beer Bottle, 75cl


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Leffe Brune is a perfect beer to sample among friends, while you read a good book or in front of a warm fireplace in the evening. It is also ideally paired with aperitif snacks or cheese and it goes perfectly with spicy, caramelised or sweet and sour dishes
Leffe Brune’s soft, deep brown colour and the perfect balance between a discreetly bitter yet slightly caramelised taste can be ascribed to age-old traditions. Hints of coffee and chocolate provide this beer with an even more desirable flavour. It is an excellent accompaniment to hearty, sweet and savoury types of cuisine.
Leffe is an authentic Belgian Abbey beer, founded by the Fathers of the Abbey in 1240 and their craft, expertise and brewing tradition can still be enjoyed today. This brewing heritage is now shared and enjoyed by consumers in over 60 countries worldwide.


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