GREEN’s Gluten Free Craft Beer Tripel Ale 8.5% ABV – (12 x 330ml)


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Brewed in Belgium since 2003, the world’s first version of this style produced naturally gluten free, brewed from naturally gluten free ancient grains; buckwheat, sorghum, millet, brown rice with special Belgian yeast strains, plus Saaz and Styrian Golding hops.
ALLERGEN FREE Brewed from naturally gluten free Ancient Grains; buckwheat, sorghum, millet and brown rice
CONTAIN NO BARLEY OR WHEAT with higher levels of protein, vitamins and nutrients
UNIQUE BREWING TECHNIQUES deliver richer, more complex taste profile
TASTE PROFILE; light body for beer of this strength; spice and herb nose with flavours of candied fruit. Aromatic, long finish. BOTTLE REFERMENTED, locks in the flavours, naturally carbonated and filtered, unpasteurised, Vegetarian Society and Vegan approved


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