Coravin Model Two Gray Wine System Stainless Steel



Coravin Wine System-is a wine by the glass system. Unlike preservation systems, which require the cork to be pulled and allow oxygen to enter the bottle, the Coravin System leaves the cork in place to continue protecting the wine.
Wine Preserver-Coravin believes that the best wine preservation system is the bottle and the cork. Since the Coravin System keeps the cork in place, wine continues to evolve the same way that it would in an unaccessed bottle. Some of the chemical changes that occur in wine, such as the breakdown of acids, don’t require oxygen at all. Others do relate to oxygen that is naturally transmitted across the cork over time. Accessing a bottle with the Coravin System does not impact these chemical change
Aged Wines -ideal for aged wines as the Vintage Cork Needle will ensure your old or fragile cork wont get damaged for you to enjoy your wine till the last drop.
Coravin Elite is availibale in Red,Gold,Silver,Rose Gold,Piano Black,Champagne,Candy Apple,White,Hunter Green


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