Bruichladdich Octomore 10 Whisky – Second Limited Edition, 70 cl



Released in esoteric limited editions, each unique issue subtly expands the sensory boundaries that enlightened students of smoke love to challenge
Colour: Autumn sun on copper stills
Nose: The Octomore DNA is evident as soon as the cork is popped; the smoke is closely intertwined with the rich and fruity toasted oak of the Grenache casks
Palate: The heat from the natural strength is tempered by the wonderful texture in this whisky, not only has 10 years of maturation in fabulous American Bourbon and French Grenache casks allowed the phenol level to calm it has allowed the viscous, oil rich body of the whisky to build a strong confident character
Finish: Given time eventually the power will fade, though after a couple of sips you may be forgiven for thinking your palate is altered forever as the smoke ligers for fully an hour


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