Bonarda DOC OP Vivace Croatina Grape Case of 6 – Italian FIZZY Red Wine – Torti Award Winning Estate



✅ 6x Bonarda DOC OP ” Frizzante “ ⚪ Grapes: Croatina 100%, hand harvested. ⚪ Indigenous wine of red grapes, also called Croatina it has been cultivated in the territory since 1200. ⚪ Typical of the Oltrepò Pavese is easily recognized by its natural ‘liveliness.’ ⚪ Colour: full ruby color. ⚪ Aroma: intense and pleasant. ⚪ Taste: typical, dry, harmonic. ⚪ Food Pairing: Rabbit, lamb, poultry, zamponi and cotechini, salami, medium seasoned cheeses. ⚪ Serving Temperature: 12°-16°C.
✅ Our products are characterized by the care and passion that has been handed down through generations of wine production. We own a vast area of land on the 45° parallel in Montecalvo Versiggia an area particularly vocated for the production of Pinot Nero and Croatina, in our hills we cultivate selected grapes, worthy of the production of fine wines & sparkling.
✅ Details of Vinification: soft pressing 24 hours contact with pulp and skin.The Torti Family Multi Award Winning Winery since 1910 boasts ancient traditions of Oltrepò Pavese DOC wines. The production of our quality wines and spumanti is led by the expert, loving hands of father Dino, heir of a great tradition and passion for the vines, in particular for Pinot Nero. We look for the future in respect of our past and traditions… our history
✅ With love and tradition by the Az. Agr. Torti “The Elegance of Wine” to offer you unforgettable moments; the Torti Family Estate is located in Montecalvo Versiggia, in the heart of Oltrepò Pavese in an optimal position and a mild climate at 300m above sea level. The Torti family own vineyards located on the 45° Parallel, in the hills where viticulture is particularly suitable and favored for the production of wines
✅ “These are my wines, which tell emotions that I desire to pass on to you as you taste it, to give you moments of carefree happiness. Salute ! ” DINO TORTI


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