Beck’s Blue Alcohol Free Beer Cans, 330 ml, Case of 24 AP050

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This pack contains 24x330ml cans of Beck’s Blue 0.0% Alcohol Free Lager Beer, non-alcoholic German Beer Gift
Beck’s Blue is brewed using the same process and ingredients as Beck’s Original, but without the alcohol.
Beck’s is a classic German-style pilsner beer, which is the renowned and most-famous beer style in Germany
This beer is golden in colour with a robust, distinctive full-bodied taste, a fresh “hoppy” bouquet, distinct bitterness and a rich, full head
Beck’s has over 140 years of heritage and is originally brewed in Germany according to Reinheitsgebot, the German purity law of 1516
Alcohol content: 0.0 percent_by_volume
Item display volume: 7920.0 milliliters


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