Alphabet Brewing A to the K American Pale Ale Craft Beer – 5.6% ABV (12)


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You’re a brewer. A gun-toting, anthropomorphised horse in military gear points his A to the K at you and demands oatmeal. The crazed look in his eyes tells you he’s not messing about. He’s a long way from home, he’s seen some dark stuff and he hasn’t even seen oats, let alone oatmeal, in what seems like an eternity. The thirst is on him. What do you do? Brew like your life depends on it!
Tasting Notes: Columbus and Mosaic hops give our APA a tropical aroma with a dry, bitter finish. Stupidly crushable.
The aroma is green and hoppy (perhaps it reminds the horse of pastures green long ago in another life), tropical fruits are prominent. Oaty earthiness is front and centre and it is backed up by a light hoppiness and a lingering bitterness throughout. It’s a thoughtful beer which draws much from the past of British brewing and melds it well with new ideas.


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