12 Pack Light-up LED Ice Cubes for Drinks Wine Whiskey Color Changing Light Multicolor, LED Ice Cubes Liquid Sensor Water Activated Reusable Glowing, Best for Party Christmas Wedding Decoration Gift.



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The LED Light Ice Cubes are water submersible and filled with non-toxic freezable gel. With colorful LED glow lights, they can be used to enhance displays at home for parties, weddings and other events. The LEDs automatically switch on when placed in water and off again when you take them out! Each one comes with batteries already fitted, but batteries are NOT replaceable.

Package Weight: 210 g
Unit Size: 2.7 x 2.7 x 2.5 cm/1.0″ x 1.0″ x 0.98″

1. Submergible, waterproof, safe to use in drinks.
2. Illuminate automatically when placed in cold liquid.
3. Battery-powered, 8 to 20 hours battery life, Batteries are Not replaceable.
4. Perfect for hosting parties Weddings, New Years Eve, Halloween, Anniversaries, Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner, bachelor parties , birthday parties, camps, holidays, picnics, summer events and more.
5. Without flame, wax smoke or mess, no chemical change, non-toxic.
6. Flashing ice cubes, change colors automatically into purple, white, green, red, blue, yellow or rainbow color.
7. Liquid sensor, LEDs automatically switch on when placed in water and off again when you take them out.
8. Made of Food Grade plastic and it is safe to put it in drinks Widely used in various types of holiday party, Valentine’s Day, Wedding, Festival activity, celebration or Cubs and Bar.

Kindly Note:
1. Hand wash with warm, soapy water before using.
2. After taking the ice cubes out from the liquid, please use cloth to dry the sensitive point as soon as possible for longer batteries life.
3. For safety, don’t swallow the ice cubes. Avoide to put it into the high temperature drinks.

Package included:
12 x LED Light Ice Cubes

❤️♫ Light-up LED Ice Cubes Set comes with 12pcs for one dozen, multi-color LED light flashing, liquid sensor water activated glowing, used for drinks, wine, whiskey, bourbon, champagne tower, beautiful illuminating and enhance romantic amazing atmosphere, perfect for bar, party, wedding, babyshower, nightclubs, Las Vegas pool parties, music events ,etc decorations, it’s amazing glow in the dark!
❤️♫ Light-up LED Ice Cubes made with high quality food safe grade clear acrylic edible materials, filled with non-toxic freezable gel, safe materials so that can be put into your drinks safely. (They’re not meant to be frozen, without cooling function). Without flame, wax smoke or mess, no chemical change or non-toxic, drop ice cubes into your guests’ drinks and watching them admire their drinks, you can imagine how happy you bring them and how happy you are!
❤️♫ When guys or gals come by for a little schmoozing and boozing, add these assorted colors LED Ice cubes to their drinks, it will be very romantic! Lighted LED Ice Cubes are battery-powered, each piece comes with 3pcs AG3 button batteries fitted, but batteries are NOT replaceable. Unit Size: 2.7 x 2.7 x 2.5 cm/1.0″ x 1.0″ x 0.98″.
❤️♫ If you have a cave at home, make it a truly special place! These glowing ice cubes for drinks will transform your cave into a super cool place of enlightenment!
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